It makes no sense. It should be tedious, but it’s not. I have photographed my first lot of 10 7″ singles today. And far from feeling bored, I found it strangely therapeutic.

For the most part, the ones I photographed today I have had for fifteen or twenty years, but I have never engaged with them in that way. I used to play them and flick through them, but looking through my lens at the sleeves and at the vinyl themselves gave me a different perspective, I guess.

I came across a purple and a white vinyl today. There is something quite childish about loving the coloured vinyl, but I do! I can’t help it! They make a nice change from the black I suppose. I have a few more that I am sure I will come across in the weeks to come.

The problem is, vinyl is addictive. Now I have started, I want more, more, more! Trying not to get ahead of myself though. There is no point to acquiring masses of the stuff and then never having the time to play it. I don’t buy that many 7″ these days, as unless you have a jukebox or something they are really not that useful. I still buy them, but I have to really really want them for one reason or another.

It’s albums for me now. When my favourite bands release a new album, I definitely try and get hold of the LP and if it comes signed, even better! I want to try and accumulate my five favourite albums for each year for the last twenty years, but I am only at the beginning of that mission. I will write something about that at some point in the future I’m sure.

My other mission is to get a much better system for playing my records, because the one I have is pretty abysmal. Any advice on this would be much appreciated. It will be my Christmas present I imagine and I cannot wait to finally be able to do my records justice

There is a resurgence in vinyl buying and some people seem surprised. I do not think I am. We live in a digital age. Previous incarnations of audio formats have always been tactile. Records, cassettes, CDs, but downloads are not. They leave me feeling like something’s missing. I like having something physical to look at (and that goes for a lot of things!).  I was a teenager in the 1990s, so it was cassettes and CDs for me, though I started to get some vinyl for the fun of it. It is by far the funnest format. It’s just so nice and tactile. And big! Then there’s the artwork. Who needs posters or pictures, when you can display your album sleeves!

Anyway, to celebrate all of that, I decided to photograph my record collection as a project and I can already see it will come with side effects!